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Jorge, already on Lusomeet for several months, took the first step in contacting Amália, who came across the site through a friend. This was the beginning of many long nights spent exchanging messages so as to get to know each other better. As both were fans of the Portuguese football team, their first date naturally had to be at a match of their favourite team, qualifying for the 2008 Euro Cup. Out of a shared passion emerged another: their shared love…
Together since 2009, they intend to marry in 2011 and we wish them a future packed with every happiness.
Amália : «What struck me was that our first conversation on Lusomeet lasted until very late in the night. I never thought I would discover so many affinities with somebody else through a keyboard…»
Teresa and David, aged 27 and 29, were exchanging messages on Lusomeet for over two months before actually meeting up for the first time. However, the chemistry of this relationship proved perfect from the outset and they needed only a couple of months before deciding their futures lay together. They married in August 2009, in Amares, near Braga, the village from where Teresa’s parents come from.
Since then, little Luisa was born.
Teresa : «I was very sceptical about the idea of meeting the man of my life on an Internet site …. Thank you Lusomeet… »
Daniela, 38, a single mother, and António, 44 and divorced, both wanted to give themselves a second chance to find love. Their meeting on Lusomeet enabled them to rapidly build up their mutual appreciation. After various meetings, the sincerity of their love established the foundations for a new family.
Today, they have a magnificent project to expand their family.
Daniela : «I thought that, in fact, being a single mother would put a brake on rebuilding my life, Lusomeet proved the opposite… »
Antonio : «Before signing up, I thought I would only find persons too young for my age. In fact, all age groups can be found on Lusomeet… »